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This is a wonderful card, and I love all of your plaid creations.
Thank you for sharing the details.

Debra Burgin

This is an inspiration, Mike, and I look forward to experimenting with my own plaids! I have a clear quilting ruler always on my table, so that should help!


how FUN!!! You always take it to another level :) Thanks for sharing your genius with us!

Ann Schach

Oh my gosh, Mike! Aren't you the clever one! I LOVE the added lines on the plaid. They add SO much...and the end result is an awesome card!

Mike Funke

Hi Gloria...no worries. When I get back home I’ll check on the colors for you.

Carol Carriveau

Fun, fun, fun card!

Gloria Sperring

I'm such a clod! My monitor to my computer is going downhill. It's truly is dying! Could you please tell me your combinations of colors you used for your plaids? They are gorgeous by the way! I have floaters and lighting in my right eye, which prevents me from telling colors apart. I hope it goes away soon, do I ever!

Mike Funke

Hello Danielle,
Thanks so much for your kind words. My creativity seems to come in Spurts and I’m definitely in creative mode these days. I like Buffalo Checks but I just needed to jazz it up a bit. I’m more of a Christmas person than a Halloween person but when the demand exists, I try.
Thanks again,

Danielle Roberts

Mike firstly your plaids are great thanks for sharing.
Your card is gorgeous. We do have Halloween here in Australia but nothing like it is celebrated in USA.
I love it ever since joining Stampin up as a Demo 8 yrs ago I have just loved when the new stamps come out for for it each year.. I know its weird ha ha ha Still my grand kids enjoy it also. Well again I think your card is great the colors are bright its good all over and using that bench was well what can I say another idea i may borrow.


Brilliant to create your own plaid! Love the jack-o-lantern on the bench to cute.

Heidi Baks

Wow, the backgrounds really look like patterned paper! Expert job!!


Love the added lines to take the plaid to the next level. So many options with this stamp! The bench is perfect for that little jack-o-lantern.

Dawn Tidd

How fun, changing the check to plaid! I'm going to try that!

Cindy Elam

Jaw. Drop. Absolutely brilliant to create your own plaid (love some of those color combinations). And the Jack-o-lantern on the bench is too perfect! I so enjoy your out of the box creativity! Thanks for sharing, Mike. 😊

Linda Callahan

I am mad about your plaid! Fabulous Halloween card!

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