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Sue Mac Donald

Stay safe; I suppose you know the drill when you hear fire in this area; hopefully nothing will happen to your *beautiful* cabin!

Linda Henry

Praying everything is still standing!!
I live only about 2hours from the Redding area and as You know that whole City is in flames!! Very scary!! Oroville had their turn last year and I was on pins and needles for a week or so. I just hold My breathe every time I hear of these fires!!
Take care and once again You're in My prayers!!


You are in my thoughts and prayers

Carol Carriveau

Wow...what a fabulous home away from home.....keeping best thoughts that the fire stays far away! Seems as though our State is consumed by wild fires.....but saw on the news this am that several other states are suffering as we here in CA....loss of homes/businesses, not to mention lives!

Take good care! Hugs to you both!

Chris R. from Iowa

Thanks for letting us k n ow as I had been wondering. Such a beautiful cabin.

Faith Gaspar

So Glad you posted Mike. I was wondering how close that fire was... It's so beautiful up in that area. Holding you guys in my Heart and Prayers...


Mz Cookie

Hope the fire get's out before it reaches you. Watch out for hot burning things in the air. We had a major fire in the Gorge area between WA & OR last year and so many fires were caused by burning debris in the air.... Praying for you!!


Dear Mike! I will be praying that the fire is under control before it gets any closer!!! Otherwise, I hope everything is great. But hugs, Jess


Oh Mike,
It must be very very smokey up there.
You must be on pins and needles.
Mike, I will definitely be praying for you and that your cabin remains intact.
Hoping that none of the little shops and cafes in Idyllwild are affected.
Take care Mike!

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