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Susan Mac Donald

I've missed your posts, so welcome back. CONGRATS. to you both on a (hopefully) successful & stress free final move!

Carol Carriveau

Congratulations, Mike and Rick....so happy to hear of your new home! Cannot wait to see pictures of your new home! Thanks for sharing the Ecclectic Bundle video....hoping everything closes fast after the lengthy trauma! Best of luck with the move, at least you have had the cabin to liv in while you have bern waiting for things to be completed!

Mz Cookie

Congrat's on the new house. We did that 143 yrs ago and I swore....never again!! But now, maybe... lol.
Hope everything is clear sailing from here out.....


You have been missed!
I love this bundle an it was one of the first items on my New Catty wish list.
So excited for you that you will soon be in that gorgeous new home with the pool and that huge kitchen island and the pantry!!! I could go on and on.
And compared to your 1953 home, your new home without a doubt could be described as "Oh So Eclectic"!!!!!!!
Big hug to you,

Traci Davis

Great to hear from you and yes, I was wondering what happened to you. Congrats on the new home. I feel your pain. My husband and I downsized from a house to a condo 6 months ago and it's a LOT of work and like you said, frustration getting one house spruced and and on the market and finding a new home. It's worth it in the end. Less yard work, less maintenance and more time for relaxing. It's great you could stay in the cabin during the transition.

I hope we will see photos of the new house soon. Congratulations again!

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