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Teresa C

Terrific! Thanks.


thank you...this is awesome!


As we say in Spanish, "Mil gracias" for such a wonderful idea and for sharing it with the cyber world. You're the best! Blessings,LM


Thanks Mike! What a great idea and thanks for sharing it with us.

Ter ;)

Ann Schach

Thanks for this wonderful service, Mike! This will be so helpful!

Mike Funke

Thanks Ginger,
I hope some folks share any digital copies they have so I dont have to scan all of my paper copies!


PS - The Summer Mini is now available with the premier of some great new products. Dont miss the chance to grab some exclusive summer design items.


Wow Mike! Having old catalogs available is a huge resource for everyone.

Erica Fields

All I can say is MY GOLLY...GEE WHIZ...You gotta be kiddin' me and as the kids say, "No WAY BRO!" What an awesome feat you gave yourself. You ought to be charging for this...maybe Corp wouldn't like it, huh?
I will most definitely be looking at this and I plan on giving you a shout-out on my own blog within the next day or two. I'm also showing this to my upline (who has a full-time job & family, so reading blogs is rare for her). Thanks seems too small a word for you Mike.


Wow! My husband has a friend who likes to do this with music scores. What a commitment of time. I still go through my old catalogs to see "old friends." It inspires me to go back and use old sets that I treasure. Thank you for sharing your awesome talents and services in multiple ways.

Susan Carlson

I have my master's degree in library science and truly appreciate your efforts! Since I'm now not a "practicing librarian" I do my best to keep my stamping stuff in order. With four kids, I can't control too many other things in my life, LOL! Maybe someday I'll give up my paper copies. Thank you!!!

Nancy B

Oh Goodness, what a huge job but appreciated! I have catalogs that go back to the late 1990's to date. I also have all the minis and SABs, about 50 in all! I also have collections of stamping magazines that have been in existence or have become extinct. Now I just need hours and hours to peruse and use. (These are all in order and in magazine holders; minis are on rings). I do know what a job you are undertaking, so thank you. Nancy B

Patricia Willey

Well that's a fantastic service you're providing Mike! I enjoy perusing catalogs also, old and new!

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